Surface finishing

  • lead-free spray tin
  • immersion gold
  • OSP
  • plating gold
  • spray tin + gold fingure

PCB applications

  • industrial control pcb
  • security surveillance
  • automotive pcb
  • LED pcb
  • consumer electronic

Delivery service

  • shipment

About Xin Lijia

PCB manufacturing  offer 1-12 layer rigid pcb board making service

China pcb factory provide printed circuit board making for 1-12 layer rigid pcb board service for small,medium,large volume.

Our pcb mafacturer have capability to produce high precision fr4 pcb,rigid pcb, pcb prototyping.custom pcb always welcome.

Here,see our product range of printed wiring boardas belows:

Assortment by layer

◆ single sided pcb ◆ 2 layer pcb ◆ 4 layers pcb ◆ 6 layers pcb

◆ 8 layers pcb ◆ 10 layers pcb ◆ multi layer pcb

Assortment by material

◆ FR4 pcb ◆ impedance pcb ◆ aluminum substrate pcb ◆copper pcb

◆ high frequency pcb ◆halogen-free pcb

The advanced circuit board equipment have been introduced by us from home and abroad.this is reason for us can provide variety surface finish technology lead-free spray tin, OSP, immersion gold, gold plate, immersion silver,plating silver,immersion tin, gold fingure and ENIG.

Regard team, our people is energetic,talented men and woman take great pride in keeping current with latest technology to improve quality and reduce costs.each memeber takes ownership of ever job they do.

For the way of our work,we know success comes from good plan-good plan comes from an understanding of your needs.that’s why we take highly personal,customized approach in developing client partnership.

At innitial meet up customer or receiving client’s drawing of electronic wiring board will conduct thorough needs,assessment.with this information, we will offer you reasonable solution and evaluated how we can help you with making circuit boards.

Don’t hesitate inquiry us to discuss your specific requirement-and see how China electronic PCB maker became your trusted business partnership.

Cooperation customer

Our Products

Our Services

PCB Design & Layout

  • Draw PCB layout with your schematic 
  • Update design according to your new idea
  • Support software and hardware development

PCB Fabrication

  • 1-18 Layers PCB boards, HDI, FPC
  • Good quality with fast lead time
  • Automatic online quote, email quote

Component Sourcing

  • Authentic sourcing channels and providers
  • Online BOM Quote, to check price and lead time
  • ERP system tracking sourcing status
  • Incoming Inspection before stock in warehouse

PCB Assembly

  • First article inspection before SMD process
  • First completed sample before DIP process
  • 2-Year quality warranty

PCBA Testing

  • Visual Inspection after smd process
  • AOI Testing(X-ray Testing for BGA package)
  • Free Function Testing with test jig
  • Final visual inspection

Enclosure Assembly

  • Case Design and Open Mold
  • 3 Production Lines for enclosure assembly
  • Completed Final Function Testing