ODM &OEM cheapest openwrt WLAN WiFi module, Hardware Spec Of Tiny7620a WiFi Core Module

Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
40 * 40MM.
Power supply voltage:
1*USB2.0, 1*PCIe, 1*SDHC,2*UART, 1*PCM&I2S &GPIO
network interface:
Supports 5*FE/2*GE network interface
Supply Ability:
10000 Piece/Pieces per Month ODM &OEM cheapest openwrt WLAN WiFi module,Hardware Spec Of Tiny
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color box/ODM &OEM cheapest openwrt WLAN WiFi module,Hardware Spec Of Tiny7620a WiFi Core Module
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ODM &OEM cheapest openwrt WLAN WiFi module,Hardware Spec Of Tiny7620a WiFi Core Module


Product Description

ODM &OEM cheapest openwrt WLAN WiFi module,Wireless module serial 2.4Ghz /5ghzWiFi module

1. Introduction
PL-RMA5320-V1.0 is dedicated to long distance wireless network solutions,it features 16dBi high gain antenna dual polarization with high output power and high RX sensitivity can significantly extend the transmission range up to deliver a more stable wireless connection and reduce the expense of equipment,It’s designed to deliver high reliability under harsh outdoor environment. Built-in advanced multi-functions provide flexibility in constructing scalable WiFi networks for all possible applications.
PL-RMA5320-V1.0 offers bandwidth up to 300Mbps to accommodate heavy traffic services such as multimedia streaming. Establishing backbone network using 802.11a/n ensures stability and reduces interference since 802.11b/g instructure run rampant till now.
PL-RMA5320-V1.0 provides seven operation modes for multiple users to access internet: AP/Gateway/WISP /WDS Bridge/ WDS Repeater/Client Bridge. Featuring passive power over Ethernet function is easy to deploy, To protect wireless connectivity,CP0015 encrypt wireless tranmissions through 64/128-bit WEP data encryption and also supports WPA/WPA2.The MAC address filter make you select exactly which stations should have access to your network.In addition,the User Isolation function can protect the private network between client and users.



Compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Wireless speed up to 300 Mbps
Powered through a PSU 12VDC 1.0A
Compatible with almost all 2.4GHz Wi-Fi devices
Compatible with almost all miniPCIe 2.4G and 5G or LTE module
Compatible with mini-SIM (2FF)
Compatible with TF-card
Supports several different internal expansion boards
Supports AP, Router, Client, Bridge and Repeater operation modes
Supports WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryptions


3 Moudle Picture


F1-1 is the Top and Bottom picture of the Core Moudle. There are 116 PINs for the module, the detail definition can be seen in the later chapters.

4 Pin Description


Pin Out Name Description

5 Mechanical Specifications

6 Schematic Design Notes

This part contains the schematic and PCB design notes for the customer who use the Core moudle for their own production. You can see our reference design and the MT7620A Spec for more detail design information.


6.1 Power


There is only one external power 3.3VDC for the Core Moudle. Other powers as 1.8VDC,1.5VDC and 1.2VDC are all generated from the Core Moudle internally.

Power consumption:


For the 3.3VDC,the main board should supply at least 1A current for the module, for security use ,the Margin should be 30% at least.

Power Ripple:


Small ripple is necessary for better performance, especially for the RF property. The 3.3VDC ripple should be ≤50mV at idle state and ≤100mV at full load. 6.2 Ethernet Port


There are 5 10/100M Ethernet port available form the Core moudle. For the MT7620A chip has already integrated the 10/100M Ethernet PHY, so the customer can only connect


the ports to the Transformer directly. These Port are changed to Current type. As seen in the below.

6.3 Ethernet Port


There are 2 RGMII(1000M) Ethernet port available form the Core moudle.Plz Follow the reference Design.


6.4 USB

USB 2.0 interface are available, customer can configure them to host or host/device by change the software configuration. Careful layou include equal length, appropriate space and 90ohm differential resistor for the differential USB signal is necessary.


ESD protection can be reserved.

6.5 UART Port


There are two UART port One is UART Lite ,The other one is UART Full,Both


can be used as the serial port for system debug or used as communication with Zigbee For attention, the external UART chip like RS232 is necessary when using the port.

The connector on your main board can be usb,DB9,and any other kinds. Pull up to 3.3V on the RXD is



6.6 I2C


One I2C port can be use. External pull up to 3.3V is necessary. 6.7 PCM

The PCM Pin be share with UARTF/I2S,detailed Info Plz refer Datasheet.

6.8 PCIE


One PCIE interface ,Can be used as expand the PCIE wifi card(802.11a/802.11ac)and

6.9 GPIO


The Core Module Supply One Standard GPIO(GPIO0),But almost 45 GPIO be used with UART Full,RGMII,I2C,ETH,at all.If these Pin is free,you can change it to GPIO mode, Plz Follow MT7620A Datasheet.


6.10 Antenna Connecter


The RF switch coaxial connector on the Core Module is I-PEX: 20279-001E-01.If


the RF connected to the customer’s main board, the RF match circuit and suitable trace should be noted.






7 PCB Footprint

PCB Footprint 40*40mm.






















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