PCB service

we offer pcb making and delivery service to you

surface finishing

pcb material

pcb appliance

delivery service

surface finishing

spray tin+gold figure       plating gold         OSP          immersion gold

lead-free spray tin

pcb material

halogen-free pcb      impedance pcb         high frequency pcb         aluminum pcb

copper pcb

pcb appliance

◆ power supply pcb

led power supply               power aluminum matrix pcb

◆ medical pcb

blood analyzer pcb                 NMR measuring instrument pcb

◆ consumer electronic pcb 

◆ Led pcb

◆ automotive pcb

network vedio recorder              driving control system                  illumination

automobile sensor

◆ security surveillance pcb

NVR main board            ISP main board                security surveillance

analog&network speed dome           surveillance camera

◆ industrial control pcb

intelligent meter          industrial computer            electricity facility

automotive production line

◆ communication pcb

base station pcb             RF pcb                    photoelectric module pcb

amplifier pcb                  antenna pcb                  fibre-optical converter pcb

delivery service


we arrange the goods and document to delivery to you by sea or air



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