lead-free spray tin

Product name: lead-free spray tin pcb/pb-free HASL pcb

Details of product:

■Part no: L083H0201738

■Layer: 2 layer

■Board thickness: 1.2mm

■Material: FR4

■Surface finish: lead-free spray tin

■Color of solder resist: green

■Color of silkscreen character: white

First class workmanship that we can offer

♦The impedance value: ±5%

♦Min line width: 3mil

♦Min line space: 3 mil

♦Outer layer of copper thickness: 50 oz

♦Inner layer of copper thickness: 10 oz

♦BGA: 0.20-0.25mm

♦Min hole diameter: 0.15mm

♦Min thickness plate: 0.10mm

♦Max thickness plate: 10mm

▲offer 1-12 layer rigid fr4 pcb making service

▲flexi able order quantity policy, accepted small, middle, large volume

▲cost advantage – quick prototype – 24 hours response

▲strict quality control process

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